The History of the Malvern Delta Blues and the Malvern Delta Blues Band

The Malvern Delta refers to the almost legendary area of land that spans from the Malvern Hill Country through the Castlemorton Swampland down to the confluence of the two great rivers, the Severn and the Avon.

The  newly discovered significance of this area within the Blues Genre is beginning to be recognised as one of the most important antecedents of Blues Music.

This British Blues music may well have been played even before the more famous Mississippi Delta, Chicago or the Mississippi Hill Country Blues.

The Malvern Delta Blues lists many great but perviously undiscovered players…

These players were borne of the fruit and apple picking workers within the cider making areas in the Malvern Delta........ Way back in time they would sing these Hereford & Worcestershire blues songs whilst harvesting Russets, Cox’s or even Worcester golds from the orchards and fields of the Delta.

Recently the discovery of some very old recordings and written material has led to this new Genre of Blues - The Malvern Delta Blues - becoming known. One or two of the members of the newly formed ‘Malvern Delta Blues Band’ are actually direct or rumoured to be direct descendants of these great players.