Thank you all for your kind words 

14th January 2023

From the Red Lion Malvern on Facebook ! :

Marcie Harding
My band (The Malvern Delta Blues Band ) loved playing here last night we had a fab time ! The pub was full with a great atmosphere and everyone enjoyed themselves !!

October 2021 

I saw this band at the New Inn on Howsell Road Malvern on 8th Oct and they were excellent. Great musicians playing electric blues and some well known oldies. Best part, besides the great music, was that you could see they were all thoroughly enjoying themselves. I really enjoyed the show and I knew all the songs played. My type of evening.

Peter Stonehewer 

Rockin' The blues October 2019:

You were all brilliant. Great tunes. Very professional, talented and faultless performance. - Dave Palmer (on Behalf of Malvern Special Families)

2019 Private Party:

We had Malvern Delta Blues play for us at a private birthday party at our home. They were brill, great choice of songs and everyone enjoyed it! Marcie was very quick at getting back to my questions in the run up to the event. Thank you to all the band!  - Louise Hinckley

From Linton Town Hall 2019:

"Hi Marcie. We had a great time last night watching and listening to the band. We were on the table right in front of you, so I got a great view of you and Alan the other guitarist when you came and played right in 
front of us. It was like you were both in our living room. I did feel a bit sorry for the other audience members stuck right at the far ends of the room who didn't get such an excellent experience. Still, it was brilliant for us.  Best Wishes William Wilding 

[Thank you William we are delighted you had such a great time ! Please note all; the hall was long/narrow and the band played in the middle not at the end of the hall so this did make it more difficult for every one to see everything  close up ! (MDBB) ]

From Charlton Country Fayre 2018

Your band were a superb contribution to the musical entertainment of Charlton Country Fayre on Saturday, 16th June, 2018. Playing two excellent sets and some well known classics such as 'Mustang Sally' and 'House of the Rising Sun' that continue to be enjoyed by all ages, the band provided welcome background entertainment for those browsing the various stalls and/or for those who decided to rest their legs and  watch the good musicianship taking place. Thank you again for n entertaining afternoon of music.

Sue Hall  Charlton Country Fayre committee 

From Wick Social Club 2018

"Can I thank you very much for a great evening last night. I didn't get to see everyone as they left so please tell them all what a good night you gave us. As a 'new' band I thought you sounded like old hands and there were many great compliments from members. We will watch out for you performing at Wembley arena!! Thanks again. " Sue

Here are some of our Songs from the Delta !!

Crossroads - the actual position of the crossroads that gave birth to the ‘Blues’ is still of course, a mystery..

Is it by the Malvern Showground? or just to the north of Castlemorton Common & Welland? … it deeper into the delta nearer to Pershore or even perhaps south to Tewkesbury …I guess we will never know. HOWEVER what we do is that it is HERE in the Malvern Delta and NOT in America. New evidence and analysis of the recently undiscovered ‘Malvern Delta Blues Chronicles’ have uncovered some very interesting information regarding this. The MDBB version of ‘Crossroads’ is perhaps the most authentic you will ever hear unless you could travel back back in time to those halcyon days (and imagine electricity was widely available).

Other (less famous) versions of this iconic song include efforts by  Robert Johnson, Eric Clapton  and others.. they are perhaps the  ones that catch the essence and feel of our truly Authentic version .....but of course are not the real thing!


Key to the Highway - We've all got the Key to the highway..the question is do we use it ? do we go and come back no more? do we go over the border? are we better known there when we get there? These question and many others will be answered when you hear the MDB Band's driving beat version of this song. The only danger is you won't come back and  listen to us no more ! We hope you do.... with our version featuring  guitars galore we really make some noise.

Back in the Night - A driving cigar box leads this fantastic Rythmn and Blues classic. 'Cigar Box Spike' shines with grit and style (he could be Wilko's  brother?) we have ringing guitars too. If you listen very hard Guitar Man Alan can almost be heard too  there was a rumour his amp was getting a new volume control fitted with a number on it above 3. 


Lefty Peter - Lead Vocals, Guitar & Harmonica

Cigar Box Spike - Cigar Box Guitars  /occasional Bass Guitar /Stomp Box/  Vocals

Washboard Rudd - Drums, Cajon, Percussion 

Arsey Marcie - Guitars / Acoustic Guitar 

Additional Occasional Backing Caterwauling (vocals)  provided by  Arsey 

When the Levee Breaks - Of course Upton upon Severn residents have already experienced the Levee Breaking. One or two of the MDBB players are from the other side of the Delta and also very aware of the potential of the Avon or the Severn breaching their respective banks. 

more songs to be added soon......